Schrankia Uncinata

From may july plants 2 3 tall bloom in bunches of pink magenta flower globes which set seeds in long prickly pods. Lady bird johnson wildflower center focused on protecting and preserving north america s native plants through native plant lists and image galleries conservation education natural landscapes seed collection millennium seed bank msb project preserving and restoring native communities spreading awareness on invasive species and gardening to attract wildlife. The atlas of florida plants provides a source of information for the distribution of plants within the state and taxonomic information.

Miller and karl v.

Schrankia uncinata. Its leaves fold when disturbed hence its common name. Florets many funnel shaped pink to rose colored with yellow tipped stamens protruding. The species name uncinata means hooked referring to the plant s claw like hooks that also inspired many of its common names.

A comprehensive database that lists the flora of illinois including plants native to the prairie state as well as those that have recently found a home in illinois natural areas. This item 100 mimosa sensitive plant touch me not schrankia uncinata flower seedscomb s h. Littleleaf sensitve briar schrankia uncinata and mimosa microphylla.

Sensitive briar is a trailing or creeping perennial of dry areas entirely covered by hooked barbs. The website also provides access to a database and images of herbarium specimens found at the university of south florida and other herbaria. The genus name schrankia honors franz von paula von schrank an 18th century german botanist who did extensive research on the plants of his native country.

It goes by many names. 100 sensitive plant seeds mimosa pudica moving plant shy plant shameful plant touch me not by rdr seeds. Forest plants of the southeast and their wildlife uses.

Seed needs sensitive plant mimosa pudica twin pack of 100 seeds each. University of georgia press athens. Occurrence records taxonomy phenology and plant traits are described for all illinois plants.

Flowers in ball shaped heads on long stalks arising from leaf axils.